What Universal Account Number (UAN)? How to find your UAN? How to activate UAN online?

    As per Labour Law, if you are working in an organization where more than 20 members are working, then the employer should generate your UAN & EPF no. It is applicable to both employees & employers.

A Universal Account Number (UAN) is 12 digits no which is generated on EPFO website with the help of your documents like Aadhaar card, Pan Card, Bank account, etc.  

The main difference between UAN & EPF no is, that the UAN of a member always remains the same even if you change the job but the EPF no will always change when you change or switch the job.  That EPF no is also called as Member Id of that employee. That member Id is linked to your UAN.
For the first time when you are joining to a job & a member of an EPFO then you can ask your employer (HR, Manager, in charge, Supervisor) to get the UAN. Or you can also find the UAN on your monthly payment slip.
Another way to get the UAN:-
      If you are unable to get the UAN then the other way to get the UAN is through your Member ID. Follow the steps to get the UAN.
  Go to EPFO Website:- https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
·   Then on the page click on “Know your UAN status”.

    -On the next page you should fill the details such as EPFO Office, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile no & Captcha. Then click on “Get Authorization Pin”.

    -On the Member id field you 1st select the “state”, then office. This will automatically fill your “Region” & “Office”.

    -After that, you will enter the number part of your Pf no.

    Example of Pf no is:-    

    After all the things and clicking on “Get Authorization Pin”, you will receive an OTP to your mobile no with OTP Id.
    Enter the OTP with clicking on the “I Agree” option, then enter to “Validate OTP and get UAN”.
    After that, you will get your UAN on your registered mobile no.
    The same process is also for Aadhaar no.
    After all the process of getting your UAN, you have to Active your UAN. Without activation of UAN, you can’t check your pf balance or any online service.

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