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10 Best Bollywood Movies on Netflix || You Can’t Afford To Miss Out.

There is such an important number of Bollywood films on Netflix that you may not be weary of this proposal. Many of these films are universally known and considered. All you need for a few hours and some popcorn to appreciate the best Bollywood movies on Netflix. So, make room for a movie that changed its views on the tile for a fascinating title. The plot and actor will surprise you.

1. Half Girlfriend:-

Another Chetan Bhagat adaptation is one of the good movies to watch on Netflix. Half Girlfriend starts on a high note with the popular soundtrack where love flourishes in a Bihari man’s heart. The film is basically their journey to regain their love. The story is told through Madhav’s eyes and keeping in mind that the young woman is deliberately written about directing the young man, it is for the most part about the top love for Rhea. Watch this popular Hindi movies on Netflix right now.

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2. Lust Stories:-

Lust Stories is Bollywood’s most famous film on Netflix that has broken the stereotypes that promote sex in our society. The development of the character is very good, the art and sound are perfect. It has a small and healthy dose of humor, which one and all can enjoy. Despite the fact that Karan Johar’s influence was ‘ Bollywood ‘ as well as brilliant and clear and sensible, the story was a good attempt to be comical despite being pleasant. The star cast of Lust Stories is remarkable in its personal jobs in four parts. It was highlighted how beautifully the social class and sex were shown.

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3. Brahman Naman:-

It’s one of the top movies on Netflix with a skunk humor that will hit you on the spot. This happens after the same unwritten standards discovered by films like Animal House, American Pie and Superbud. This best Bollywood film of Netflix stunned the young, the club’s young worshippers. Instead of giving the crowd a grand token hero or silly attractive, the Brahmin bow has three deliberately unexpected leadership. Look at one of the best things on Netflix for an easily digestible, unprovoked coched comedy sunday afternoon with his college friends on a crate of oily snacks and beer.

brahman naman
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4. Brij Mohan Amar Rahe!:-

Brij Mohan remained immortal, a dark comedy about a con went wrong, many deaths occurred, but not a single joke happened. The plot of the film revolves around a person who is guilty of his murder. Brij Mohan forgot his death while he is trying to escape and is something other than worldly things in his boring life. Brij Mohan Amar is a film that has a comic and complex look at the concept of personnel justice and plays with ironic humor. Watch for highly bold women and dark comedy in this Netflix original movie which is one of the best movies on Netflix.

brij mohan amar rahe
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5. Andhadhun:- 

The dark tune is like any other top film on Netflix that shows an edge of the seat – intense – dark – subtle – fact is true for the film. A classic that will grow in your stature with age. Each character of this film has a grey personality supported by Frank storytelling. After being hit at the box office there is no doubt it is one of the good movies to watch on Netflix. The story surrounds a piano player pretending to be blind and witnessing a murder in the circumstances that leads to other terrible consequences. A Bollywood film on Netflix that will make you proud as a lover of Bollywood thriller, as it is equivalent to any Hollywood film. Dark comedy is the essence of the film.

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6. Parmanu:-

Paramu: The story of Pokhran is a mind blowing Bollywood film on Netflix. The film not only meets the event, but also ensures that those who were not aware of it will be able to experience it in a stylish way. The story of this best Bollywood film on Netflix is a good thriller, which tells you the story of India’s earliest nuclear test conducted by India. Learn about the film and the right facts about how our Indian Army has taken concrete steps against all odds.

Image Source – Google | Image by- paramanu

7. Pad Man:-

As the film name suggests, Pad Man starring megastar Akshay Kumar is one of the good films on Netflix. It tells the real-life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, the innovators of a poor college in South India, who roamed around the pad, which is commonly regarded as a peculiar subject by Indians. Pad Man is one of the Bollywood films on Netflix that plays an important role in initiating a conversation on a serious subject. The movie is entertaining and, for the most part, sensible.

Image Source – Google | Image by – padman

8. Neerja:-

It enhances the pathetic spirit of India’s daughters. It is good that the film depends on the drama and how Ram Madwani wants to achieve this story. The performance of Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tikku as parents is at the top notch. This is the real story of a flight attendant who prevents terrorists from attacking passengers when the flight is hijacked. The spectacular performance by our own fashionista Sonam Kapoor makes Neerja the best Bollywood film on Netflix.

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9. Pink:-

Pink is one of the good movies to watch on Netflix. A powerful statement has been made on the current feudal mindset of the majority of people of India starring the greatest actor Amitabh Bachan who does not treat man and woman equally. The understanding among other parts about this film is similar that it never displays the actual event before you, unless the end credits. The story depends on what happens and this mystery is well formed in the original half. This film must be seen with an intense content and powerful acting.

10. Dear Zindagi:-

Alia Bhatt is playing the role of Kayra in another blockbuster film of Shah Rukh Khan with Alia, who sometimes goes to counselor Jahangir Khan to go into depression after the breakout. With catchy music and bizarre lines, teasers of Deer Life manage to bring smiles to our faces whenever you see them. You will fall especially in love with the soundtrack. While just go to hell provokes heart aches that pass after a heart break, love u life wants you to embrace life and all its varieties with open arms.

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